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Proper formatting of articles on the wiki.


Template usage

When editing take care to note if any templates have been made for what you are writing. Templates like {{{SVNURL}}} are for ease of portability if the project ever changes the SVN URL.

You can find a list of templates here.

Spacing usage

One newline after a topic header, two before the next. (One on top, two on bottom.)

HTML usage

HTML should not be used for spacing (It makes the page source hard to read, and isn't needed a newline does the same thing.)

Separate page usage

Sections of a page relevant to multiple guides, or operating systems should be given their own pages with link backs to the main articles they are hosted on.


List all of your documentation on the Developer_Entry page, this page should evolve into a useful resource for developers and all who are searching for information on the discoveries of others.

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