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Updating your binaries

Repeate these steps as you have already done it with your first installation:

  • Run the following in your local Arcemu GIT copy
git pull
Ico info.png Beside the binaries pay attention if may the databases has changed too. So you may also have to follow carefully the next step.

Updating your SQL databases

Updating your database will be (almost) painless. You will usually be able to tell that you need to apply a SQL update when you update your server's binaries. It's a good idea to check the Git log for more information.

Usually when a database update is needed, it comes as a SQL dump file ready for you.

Do these steps carefully and exactly:

  • Open with a mySQL Client your world database.
  • Open the table world_db_version. You will find there something like that: yyyy-mm-dd_hh-mm_textmessage (f.ex. 2012-02-09_00-55_earth_shield)
  • This mean that you world db is up to date till f.ex 9. Feb. 2012
  • Now go to your ArcEmu source and have a look into the sql/world_updates folder.
  • Apply all SQL dump files to your world database that are NEWER than the above date IN ORDER of date of the patch.

Im some rare cases may also the logon and the character database needs some updates. Check it regularly and repeat above steps in the same manner.

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