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Ico info.png This page is under development and not finished.

Congratulation !

You have read and followed all wiki pages Getting Started for beginners. Your server is now running and you can start a new life as a game master (GM) which gives you some admin rights to your server.

May the following hints will be helpful to explore the new world.


config files

Before you start you may want to modify some options in your config files. The different options are explained in the files itself. F. ex. you can decide if Horde players can speak with Alliance players. After you modified any options in a config file you have to restart the world.exe server.

GM Commands

Here you will find a list of Game Master commands and information about GM access levels. The access level a user has is written in the logon database. You can modify the records in the accounts table with your SQL client.

ArcGM Addon

A very useful client addon is ArcGM. You have to copy this addon (like all client addons) into your \Interface\AddOns folder of your wow installation. Here is a link for more infomation about ArcGM and here you can download it. This tool has a lot of GM features like modifying parameters, adding items, ban/kick players, restart server or handles GM tickets and much more. To start ArcGM, click in the wow client in right upper corner on the icon.


Next step

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