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You may also wish to preserve the ArcEmu processes once you've logged out of SSH. To do this, you'll need to install Screen if it isn't installed already.

The syntax is relatively simple.

screen ./arcemu-world

This will run the arcemu-world program in a new session. To leave this screen and keep it running, press "CTRL + A and then D" to detach.

To return to the screen later on use
screen --list
then type
screen -r ScreenIDHere

You may replace ./arcemu-world with sh for example, to run a restart program or even use screen on startup to launch the server.

To do this, you can either use a restart script, cronjob, or if you are working with a desktop linux environment you can simply use the built in startup application manager(Both Gnome and KDE have these).

If you wish to set up a cronjob, google around - far more documentation is provided for both cron AND Screen then the ArcEmu team can provide on these programs.

Sample restart script

#! /bin/bash
while :
sleep 150
wait $!
echo Realm went down, restarting!

Ico info.png Increase 150 to 250 or 300 to prevent bash from spamming the executable or the script may cause undesired effects if the server refuses to start or has an error.

Save the above script as and call it using
screen ./


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