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The ID of the quest the POI is for.


The ID of the POI, this is referenced by the sister table quest_poi


The X coordinate of this POI


The Y coordinate of this POI


To have a area shown as an objective:

Quest 855 in the barrens requires you to collect centaur items, and they can be found in four areas.

The quest_poi data for this has four POI ID's (each a seperate row), the first 3 having a objIndex of 4 (4 = item objective 1) and the last -1 (talk to someone).

In quest_poi_points, poiid 0 has ~12 rows, each with a different coordinate, and the same with poiid 1, 2 but 3 only has 1 (it's a nice to talk to).

This is for each corner of the highlighted area, for example if you only have three coordinates then it will form a triangle between them.

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