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Ico maintenance.png Some of the content of this wikipage is not up to date and need some maintenance. Please help to improve this page and do some update.


ArcEmu is able to use the build-in experimental pathfinding system. However because there is no active developing on the part of the software it is deactivated in the source code by default.

Pathfinding needs movement maps (mmaps) and will provide some outstanding features like:

  • Proper blink for mages
  • NPC are not walking anymore trough walls

How to activate

To active pathfinding you need to recompile your source:

  • Look in your source for the header file StdAfx.h in \src\arcemu-world and open it with a editor.
  • Uncomment line 24, must look now like this:
  • Recompile as usual
  • In your world.conf switch collision on if you havnt' done it already.
  • Make an additional folder in your ArcEmu root folder, name it mmaps
  • Download the mmaps extractor
  • Extract the mmaps (Needs about 12 hours !)


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