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High-level overview of the ideal logon process



World of Warcraft uses a variation of the SRP6 protocol for secure password authentication. You can read more about the original protocol here: http://srp.stanford.edu/design.html

  • Client connects to the Logon Server, and sends the Client Logon Challenge message
  • Logon Server responds with the Server Logon Challenge message, asking the client for proof
  • Client sends the Client Logon Proof message to the Logon Server
  • Logon Server sends the Server Logon Proof message to the Client
  • At this point we are now authenticated with the Logon Server
  • Client sends Client Realm List message to the Logon Server
  • Logon Server sends Server Realm List message to Client
  • Client chooses a realm and connects to the World Server that handles that realm
  • World Server sends the Server Auth Challenge message to Client
  • Client sends the Client Auth Session message to World Server
  • World Server asks the Logon Server for the Client's session info
  • Logon Servers sends the Client's session info to the World Server
  • At this point we are fully authenticated and on the selected Realm
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