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Arcemu uses a Source Control Management system called GIT.
The role of source control management is to maintain records about the changes in the controlled/tracked files.
So that we know who changed what and when, and if needed we can go back to earlier versions.
NOTE: This is very different from a simple file storage, therefore when you get the Arcemu source code, you don't just download some files, actually you download all versions of all files we have in our repository.


ArcEmu GIT repository information

You can clone the Arcemu GIT repository using the following address git://

Step 1: Installing a GIT client

On Windows you will have to work with msysgit, read the Article about installing it

On other platforms read the individual wiki articles about the platform you are on.

Step 2: Checking out (getting the source code)

Follow the instructions in

Next step

You're now ready to move on to the CMake Build System

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