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ArcEmu SVN repository information


Step 1: Installing a Subversion client

To checkout (download) the source code you must first have a SVN client. Install one of the following:

  • TortoiseSVN is a GUI client for Windows. Recommended for Windows users. It integrates into Windows Explorer, however, will not do so on any server edition. It's recommended to use one of the below clients instead.
  • RabbitVCS is a GUI exactly like TortiseSVN but for linux Gnome desktop environments. Highly recommended if using Gnome.
  • KDESVN is a SVN GUI for KDE linux desktop environments. Suitably integrated into KDE and recommended if you are using KDE.

/* For Ubuntu users */
sudo apt-get install -y rabbitvcs-cli rabbitvcs-gedit rabbitvcs-nautilus rabbitvcs-core

Or use your package manager to install these four packages.

  • SCPlugin is a GUI client similar to TortoiseSVN for Mac OS X. Recommended for Mac OS X users.
  • Subversion Recommended for people who know how to use a console.
Ico info.png If you copy over source code checked out on a Windows machine to any other machine running a different operating system, you will have to change line endings. Look up the package TOFRODOS or google how to do this for your operating system.

Step 2: Checking out

TortoiseSVN/RabbitVCS users


Create a new folder, enter it then right click empty space inside and choose Checkout. Enter Template:SVNADDRESS and leave the revision box blank (unless you want to download an older version). Press OK to checkout the source code.

Getting sourcecode via TortiseSVN
Getting sourcecode via RabbitVCS

SCPlugin users


Create a new folder wherever you want. Enter the folder, right click, select subversion then check out in a manner similar to that of TortoiseSVN.

Default Subversion Client users


Use the following command and parameters:

svn checkout --username anonymous <repository URL from above>

If you are prompted for a password, simply press enter.

Subversion 1.6.5: You may ignore the --username <user-name> directive when attempting to anonymously log into the ArcEMU repository. When the --username directive is not used, Subversion assumes anonymous access is requested.

Assuming that a user wanted to get all of the code from Template:SVNADDRESS, the user would enter the following at the command prompt:

svn co Template:SVNADDRESS

In addition, the following is also acceptable:

svn checkout Template:SVNADDRESS


Please ONLY check out of the TRUNK directory, unless you need a tag or branch.

Additional reading

If you're having trouble performing certain actions with subversion, please read the SVN Manual to learn how subversion works and how to use it.

Updating the sourcecode

Updating the SVN


Right-click your arcemu folder and click on SVN Update. When it says "At Revision: (Current revision.)" it is done updating. Click OK. After updating the SVN, you need to recompile in order to stay up-to-date. If you have any errors during this process, scrap the current folder and re-download the source (Unless you have made edits, then you are on your own!)

Command Line Interface

Change working directory to the targeted SVN folder, type svn update & recompile.

Next Step

You're now ready to move on to the CMake Build System

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