Generating the Arcemu build files using the CMake

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  • Enter the directory where you checked out the Arcemu sources to.


  • Create the sub-directory where you will build Arcemu in. For the sake of this example, let's call this directory "build".
  • Enter the build sub-directory.


  • Type in
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/path/to/install/directory ../cmake
Ico info.png /path/to/install/directory is the path to the directory where you will want CMake to install the server files,

this could be for example /home/arcemu/server

Ico info.png This command will configure the Arcemu build process to build Arcemu with the default options

Ico info.png For most people ( especially beginners ) these default options are good enough, but if you want to decide yourself what to build,

refer to CMake_options for the list of possible options.

If all went well, you will see a screen similar to this, which means CMake has created the build files for you.


Ico info.png If instead of this, you are getting error(s), that might mean that you are missing some requirements.

Ico info.png If you are sure you have all of them installed properly, then post a new topic on forums, asking for help.

  • You may now proceed to build!





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