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This lists some common issues


General Issues

What is the Remote Console?

Look here for the answer to that.

It says I need a battle.net account!

Simply change the usernames in your account database to use pre-battle.net names. Any email address usernames trigger the client to use battle.net

How do I edit the client to log into my server?

Open realmlist.wtf and delete all lines from it, then type SET REALMLIST or whatever IP* address you are currently using. Alternatively you can delete realmlist.wtf and edit configs.wtf inside of the client's WTF folder. You may even set this string using a -console command line from inside the client, accessed by pressing ~ or tilde.

Why don't you supply DBCs, maps and vmaps?

This is due to the fact that these are property of Blizzard Entertainment. Spreading these would be against the law. It's a lot faster for the end user to extract them as well.

How do I add more realms (Tested)

The simple part starts here.

  1. Copy your arcemu folder
  2. Go into your DB and make a new DB for characters and world (name doesn't matter)
  3. Change the port in arcemu-world.config up one number or down one number for the main world port (leave DB ports same)
  4. Start up your first server as normal
  5. Start up only the arcemu-world.exe file in the duplicated arcemu folder

You need to ensure you are using different ports, or different IPs. for the realms.

Next, edit the ascent-world.conf file for your second realm, and change the WorldServerPort to the port listed in Realm2.

Start/Restart your logon server and realms.

I'm getting read buffer overflows when reading spell.dbc on new version

You need to update your .dbc files - go back to the concerning DBC-files and re-do the extraction section. Delete all of your old .dbc files and copy the new ones. Expect errors if you don't update these files when compiling a new revision!

I'm getting weird "WorldText" errors in game. What gives?

There was changes to the DB that moved some text around to allow for translations/localizations. In your SVN folder you will find the following file: /trunk/sql/world_updates/1174_worldstring_tables.sql you will need to apply that file to your database.

"I'm a noob who didn't read the config file?" When I run world. What?

There are certain failsafes in the configuration files to make sure that you read all of them. Simply search Die Directive in the world configuration file, and then comment out the die message below that part. Comment it out by adding a # at the beginning of the line!

Although you can do this at any time, it's still wise of you to read through the configuration file!

Error: Could not find Svn_revision.h, even after using revisionexractor.exe!

This may be because you have moved the .dll files needed for the compiler more than once. Simply delete the extra DLL's that you may have moved, and it should be fixed.


I am able to log in, however, if I choose to create a character, I get booted

In most cases this happens when you haven't populated your World database. Ensure you have added details into the playercreateinfo table. You are best to use a pre-created database.

I create my character, but it doesn't show up on the list!

In most cases you simply need to upload the tables in your character and world databases. You can find the .sql files to do this with in the /trunk/sql folders. The two folders containing the .sql files are world_updates and characters_updates. Simply execute all of the updates from revision 1000+, and your little problem should be fixed!

I am going up a ramp and get disconnected!

You probably have Collision detection, Flight Anti-cheat enabled, but haven't installed the vmaps. Please see Collision to get Collision correctly setup. In a pinch, you can disable the anti-cheat.



What ports are required

This would depend on your configuration files. The logon server is simple and defaults to port 3724, however your realms may be different.

For your realms you need to check your ascent-realms.conf. In each realm definition you will find something like:

<Realm1 Name = "Test Realm"
        Address = ""
        Icon = "PVP"
        Population = "1.0"
        TimeZone = "1">

The number (8129 in this case) is the realm port. You need to forward the log on port, and each of your realms. You should forward both UDP and TCP.


I can connect from my local network, but not from the internet

Assuming you have configured your port forwarding as above, the next thing you want to check is the IP listed for your realm. You MUST have your external IP configured in ascent-realms.conf. This may cause problems for connecting on your network though.

Note: If you need to connect to your server from within the local network while setting the server up to use an external IP address, you may be able to do so by editing the Windows Host file (works on Vista; don't know about XP). Google it for the latest tutorials etc.

I want to connect from both inside and outside my network, what are my options?

You have two options:

  1. Either set up two realms in your ascent-realms.conf file, one listing your outside IP and one listing your inside IP.
  2. Use DNS - Set your address to a DNS name, then your outside will see the correct IP, and edit your HOSTS file on your inside clients. If you're a DNS guru, on your inside, have it resolve to your inside IP, and for the externals set it to your outside IP.

Building / Compiling


What is the SVN password?

If you are connecting anonymously, there is no password - just leave it blank and hit enter.

I try to checkout the SVN, but I get an error!

  • /home/arcemu/svn/trunk# svn update
  • svn: PROPFIND request failed on '/svn/trunk'
  • svn: PROPFIND of '/svn/trunk': could not connect to server (http://www.arcemu.info)

If you're getting an error such as the one above, it simply means that the SVN is down either for reformmating, updates, or any other number of reasons. Since this isn't fixable on your own, simply wait until it is back up. Also, if it isn't down, make sure you have an internet connection, nothing is blocking it from connecting (such as a firewall), and that you have the link correct!

Errors on *Nix

If you are receiving errors on linux and you have downloaded from a third party SVN a branch or fork of our code, or from our SVN and moved the files to or from dos, you will need to look up a command named Fromdos most errors(if not caused by us) in this situation will be because of the differences between windows and linux line endings.


I added the instand80 script, turned it on, but no level 80

Console shows it's active, and you get money when you start a new char, but no level 80?

You need to edit your arcemu-optional.conf and set the following:

<Optional    StartingLevel = "80"
             LevelCap = "80"
             GenLevelCap = "80">

I saved my scripts, but they aren't loaded!

First, make sure they actually AREN'T loaded. If it doesn't say loading script /scripts/*script* at the end when you run arcemu-world.exe, then they aren't being loaded. This is usually because you haven't set the configs to load them. Make sure you have modified the following part in world server config to say this:

<scriptBackends LUA="1"

More help!

If you need more help join us at the

P2P Q&A Forums

Or join us on irc:


Server: irc.freenode.net

ArcEmu's Channel: #arcemu

Web-IRC: Click here

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