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If you're interested in World of Warcraft, support Open Source, and are looking for something will challenge and inspire you, then ArcEmu is a great project to get involved with! We're currently looking for developers with a keen understanding and familiarity of the following specifications.

You are expected and will need to know:

   * All aspects of the standard C++ language
   * Experience in Object Oriented Analysis and Design
   * Strong skills with common data structures, logic and common algorithms.
   * As well, we expect a willingness to learn what's needed to suceed


   * Experience with code optimization to improve performance
   * Self-motivation and willingness to pitch in on many areas of development
   * Experience with multi-threaded programming
   * Passion for playing World of Warcraft
   * Knowledge of MySQL
   * Network programming using sockets (BSD socks library, WINSOCK2, etc)
   * Reverse engineering skills (x86 assembly is a definite plus!)

Do you meet some, or even all of these requirements? Start by submitting some patches to us. Need a place to start? Check the bug tracker for current issues that need to be worked on.

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