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(Getting a world database)
(Getting a world database)
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* WhyDB
* WhyDB (outdated)

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How to set up your world, logon, and character databases.


Installing MySQL

MySQL can be downloaded for free from here.

Installing a MySQL client

A SQL client lets you easily connect to the databases. You'll need one to import your initial database.

This is a list of some free SQL clients for Windows:

In Linux you can also use the command line client that comes with MySql, which is ultimately the fastest way to import a full database.

Creating empty databases

Using your client, connect to with the username as "root" and the password you set when you installed MySQL.
Create 3 databases and name them:

  • arc_logon
  • arc_character
  • arc_world

(Not recommended but, if you have a limit at your provider on how many databases you can use all tables can be combined into one big database. Adjust the guide accordingly.)

Importing logon and character databases

Ico warning.png You will not have a full database after importing these files an your server will not function, please continue reading.

Open your arcemurootfolder\sql directory. In this you will find 3 files:


After that, switch to your character database and import the character_structure.sql file. If you're using SQLyog or Navicat you can do this by right-clicking the newly-created database, and then selecting Execute Batch File. Repeat this step with the logon database and the logon_structure.sql file.

world_structure.sql is the database structure only and it is for people who want to build their own database project. It doesn't contain any data. It's better to follow the next step how to get a world database.

Getting a world database

The world database contains all data on things like NPCs, GameObjects, quests, gossips. For more documentation on the world database please visit: World Database

There are many different projects with different aims the most popular categories are:

  • Blizzlike data that is similar or identical to the real thing.
  • Funserver data created or made with insane, game breaking stats or values.

Ico warning.png ArcEmu does not have an official database.
These are user contributed databases. ArcEmu has nothing to do with them, please consult with the owner's of the projects and or their media or documentation if you need help.

  • NoxicDB (dervied from Land of Elves)

(Calendar events and German localization tables included)

GIT Repository:

GIT Website:

LoE World Banner.jpg

  • Land Of Elves (LoE) World Database

(Calendar events and German localization tables included)


GIT Repository: git://

GIT Website:

  • WhyDB (outdated)


SVN Address:

To download data from the SVN repositories you need a up to date SVN client, f.ex. for Windows Tortoise SVN Client.

Ico info.png After loading a world project you may have to update the database structures to an actual release. You can find more information on updating the structures yourself on Updating

Creating your administrator account

Switch to your logon database. Run the following query (replacing the values for login and password with your own):

 INSERT INTO `accounts` (login, password, gm, flags, forceLanguage, banned) VALUES ('admin', 'admin', 'az', '24', 'enEN', '0');

A breakdown of this query for those that do not understand SQL:

  • Username (login): admin
  • Password: admin
  • GM Level: az (for all commands)
  • Expansion: All
  • Banned: Not banned. (the field doesn't have a default value, so it's required)

Next step

After setting up the database correctly, you're now ready to move on to Server configuration.

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