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Allgemeine Lua Resourcen
ALE Arcemu Lua Engine Dokumentation

ArcEmu Lua Engine ist die Standard Lua Engine.
ALE (ArcEmu Lua Engine ) war früher auch bekannt als LuaHypArc.

LuaBridge Dokumentation
Tutorials / Beispielskripts
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Innerhalb dieser Wiki Seiten sind folgende Ausdrücke gebräuchlich:

Unit: A Creature or Player.
Creature: A Mob[ile] Unit. Also known as an NPC (Non-Player Character)
Gossip: Menus that allow you to interact with the Player.
Phase: A unique instance of the Game World.
Method: Also commonly known as a Function or Command. This is the correct word for it - Method adopts a more Object-Orientated view on Lua, which is what we want.
Function: A block of code in Lua.
Command: Usually assumed to be any Lua Method, it is incorrect terminology. It is not a command.
Statement: A piece of code that performs a single action.
Expression: A statement that evaluates true or false.

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