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 Allgemeines zu Lua

Lua ist ein vielseitige Programmiersprache mit einer einfachen Syntax. Einige Leute behaupten Lua sei eine Interpreter Sprache. Dies ist jedoch falsch, da Lua die Scripte beim Laden kompiliert. Because Lua can easily be embedded into applications, it is frequently used in games, such as World of Warcraft, Far Cry, Baldur's Gate, Garry's Mod and Warhammer titles.

Für weitere Information siehe auf der offiziellen Website von Lua nach.

Please make sure to choose the correct Lua section. Use the LuaHypArc section if you are using LuaEngine.dll and the LuaBridge section if you are using luabridge.dll. Check your `modules` folder if you are unsure of what engine you are using. Any forum topics regarding this will be ridiculed (and probably locked), you have been warned.

Tutorials and Resources
ALE (ArcEmu Lua Engine ) Dokumentation

ALE war früher auch bekannt als LuaHypArc.

Das ist die Standard Lua Engine für ArcEmu.

LuaBridge Dokumentation

Innerhalb dieser Wiki Seiten sind folgende Ausdrücke gebräuchlich:

Unit: A Creature or Player.
Creature: A Mob[ile] Unit. Also known as an NPC (Non-Player Character)
Gossip: Menus that allow you to interact with the Player.
Phase: A unique instance of the Game World.
Method: Also commonly known as a Function or Command. This is the correct word for it - Method adopts a more Object-Orientated view on Lua, which is what we want.
Function: A block of code in Lua.
Command: Usually assumed to be any Lua Method, it is incorrect terminology. It is not a command.
Statement: A piece of code that performs a single action.
Expression: A statement that evaluates true or false.

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