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ArcEmu currently ONLY supports: 3.3.5a 12340 June 29, 2010



List of Prerequisites

  • mysql-devel
  • pcre
  • git
  • cmake

Using Packages

You can easy install prerequisites by using pkg_add as root.

pkg_add -r mysql++-mysql51 (For FreeBSD x64 use pkg_add -r mysqlcppapi)
pkg_add -r pcre++

Using Ports

FreeBSD has a unique system for installing your prerequisite files. You can, for example, log in as root and do the following:

cd /usr/ports/databases/mysql51-server
 make install clean
 cd /usr/ports/devel/pcre++
 make install clean

It is the system administrator's job to properly use ports and install the prerequisite files. System administration of your operating system goes outside the scope of this article.

You should also run Arcemu on a separate user account than root. Running a server as root is always a bad idea.

Obtaining the Source Code

git clone git:// code

If you have any problems with this step, read the following article.

Compiling the Source

Arcemu uses the CMake build system, so you will have to compile using that. As a first step you need to configure the build and generate the build files using CMake.


Ico info.png This will configure Arcemu to be built using the default configuration, which is fine for most people, however if you'd like to customize it more take a look at CMake

Now that you've finished configuring, simply run:

make install

To speed up the build process further you may run the command below. The integer value 4 is the number of workers assigned to the build process. For the standard dual core processor, 4 workers should be sufficient. Specifying too many workers will only slow down the build process further. If you specify too many workers and the system runs out of memory, the build will fail.

make -j4 install

Running ArcEmu

Now that you've compiled ArcEmu in your prefix directory, you'll need to edit the configuration files. For that, visit Server_Configuration.

Once the server is properly configured, you can run ArcEmu by navigating to YOUR_PREFIX_DIR/bin/. From there, run arcemu-world and arcemu-logonserver.

Using an Automatic Restarter

Thanks to FreeBSD's support of shell scripts, an auto restarter is incredibly simple. A demo script is below. You may save it as and run it by typing sh

 while [ 1 ]

Using Screen

~ This article has been consolidated here Screen

Please return to this page for the next step in the process after reading about Screen and how to use it to launch ArcEmu.


You have successfully set up ArcEmu on FreeBSD! You're now ready to move on to Server configuration.

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