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We're looking for knowledgeable users to help us moderate the forums, clean up after spambots, and patrol the forums and help sections for standard FAQs and problems to alleviate the stress of managing the community on developers.

CMs should have the following

    * Good social skills
    * Excellent grammatical and linguistic skills
    * A good knowledge of ArcEmu, enough for the logical analysis of problems and the basic knowledge to be able to infer how, or why a problem would occur
    * A knowledge of forum software
    * Strong, concurrent presence on IRC

As a bonus, CMs should optimally have the knowledge to also be QA(Quality Assurance) see the Contributing page

   * Wiki markup experience and or Mediawiki experience
   * Knowledge of basic Lua

We are not letting users ask to become a CM, we would like for you to show us your potential in this role. We invite you to help troubleshoot problems on the forums at first, and even come in IRC and communicate with us.

If you feel you have something to bring to the ArcEmu community by becoming a CM after showing your worth on the forums, talk to any team member on IRC to be relayed to someone to sit down and interview you.



ArcEmu's Channel: #arcemu

Web-IRC: Click here

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