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[[CMake_Errors|Troubleshooting CMake]]
[[CMake_Errors|Troubleshooting CMake]]
== Next step ==
You're now ready to move on to Compiling: [[Compiling: Windows|Windows]], [[Compiling: Linux|Linux]], [[Compiling: FreeBSD|FreeBSD]], or [[Compiling: Mac OS X|Mac OS X]]

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What is CMake

CMake is a cross platform build system, used to generate the native make files / project files for your platform/compiler. Since Arcemu works on many platforms, including Windows, Linux, BSD, OS X, it is ideal for our needs.

Getting CMake

You can get CMake for Windows and OS X here:

You can get CMake for Linux and BSD using their package managers.

Using CMake to build Arcemu

CMake can be used either natively in a terminal/command prompt, OR using the CMake GUI application.

Generating_the_Arcemu_build_files_using_the_CMake_GUI (recommended)



Troubleshooting CMake

Next step

You're now ready to move on to Compiling: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, or Mac OS X

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