A Short Biography of John Bening, CEO

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John Bening is the president, founder, and CEO of Bening Automotive Group, and he owns and operates 4 brand-new and used auto dealerships in Southeast Missouri. John Bening got his start in 1987, when he opened his 1st dealership. Ever since then, John Bening has made a name for himself as an incredible salesman and a knowledgeable resource about cars and buying them.

A native of Missouri, John Bening attended Cape Girardeau Highschool and graduated from Southeast Missouri State University, also in Cape Girardeau. After college, John Bening decided to enter the auto industry as a car salesman and dealership owner, and embarked upon this career with resounding success. After opening Bening Motor Company, his first dealership, John Bening shortly realized that business was booming to the point of needing to open another location.

John Bening has operated as numerous as 7 dealerships at once, although currently he has toned it down to 4. Recently, John Bening owns two Ford dealerships in Perryville and Fredericktown, a Mazda franchise in Cape Girardeau, and his original Bening Motor Company in Jackson.

Moreover to being an astute businessman with a ability for pitching a sale, John Bening is devoted to helping his community via service and fiscal assistance. John Bening uses the revenue from his businesses to fuel his philanthropic efforts in supporting relief organizations, local youth sports teams, artistic endeavors, and people in require of a supporting hand.

John Bening loves utilizing his know-how to help others, also. In 2009, John Bening was elected to be chairman of the National Automotive Dealers Association’s twenty Group, which presents seminars and workshops for auto dealers to improve their sales, management, and understanding about vehicles. John Bening these days celebrated the 25th anniversary of the begin of his business with sales, promotions, and a competition that bestowed a 1968 Ford Mustang upon the lucky winner.

In 2009, John Bening, best known as president and CEO of Bening Automotive Group and a professional auto dealer in Jackson, MO, was elected to be chairman of the National Automotive Dealers Association 20 Group.

What is the 20 Group? This organization, split into regional sections, presents seminars and workshops to automotive dealers across the U . S . to help improve sales, profits, and managements. As chairman, John Bening will assist organize meetings, develop workshops, and consult with individual dealers to assist them to get the the vast majority of out of their business.

According to Chairman John Bening, dealers who are people in the NADA twenty Group can develop their sales so much than on average, they make 30% more in sales profits than competitors who aren’t members. John Bening reports that such incredible gains come from education about most beneficial practices in the industry, ways to maximize profits from a business perspective, and trainings in sales methods.

John Bening has twenty-five yrs of experience in the auto dealing industry, so it’s no surprise that he was picked for the chairman position. With his extensive understanding in sales, inventory selection, and business practices, John Bening brings the wisdom of experience to the position, and is an excellent resource for newer NADA 20 Group members who're just starting out on their business endeavors.

As chairman, John Bening says that he is had the chance to work with dealers of vehicles, trucks, SUVs, and other automobiles who bring their experiences from all corners of the country to the meeting room table. John Bening reports that the biggest advantage of joining the NADA twenty Group is the sense of community, also as the sharing of ideas, sources, and virtually all efficient methods and practices that members have access to through the tri-yearly meetings and month to month newsletters.

John Bening has been working dealerships since 1987, and currently owns 4 dealerships in southeast Missouri.

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