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DEWALT DCD760KL 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Cordless Compact Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Kit is a cord-less battery-powered drill. It has the Lithium-Ion batteries that make this device light and durable. This drill is very reliable for an assortment of professional tasks. It's compact, simple to handle and extremely comfortable. The kit of 18V Cordless Drill includes two Lithium-Ion batteries, 30-minute Lithium/NiCad battery charger and heavy-duty kit box.

Attributes and Specifications

The DEWALT DCD760KL is an extremely highly effective drill that enables you to function very successfully. This drill can be made use of for any type of task website or good store; it has an extremely hassle-free twin rate variety of 0-500/0 -1,700 rpm for ideal adaptability and control. This DEWALT DCD760KL drill has 17 clutch setups, the LED light that boosts visibility especially functioning in tight locations under low-light problems. The DEWALT DCD760KL 18V Cordless Drill is easy taken care of and comfortable due to which your task will certainly be done more exact and quicker.

The weight of the DEWALT DCD760KL drill is only 4 pounds and it's very compact in dimension. Many thanks to these attributes this drill will certainly never make your hands feel fatigue, even if you function in the tightest locations such as small corners, a storage room or under sink.

The DCD760KL drill has 2 Lithium-Ion batteries makings the tool lighter and allows you to work much longer in this manner minimizing downtime. In addition, these batteries work with other DEWALT 18V devices, can be conveniently and swiftly recharged making use of the 30min charger included in the kit.

The bundle features: a drill/driver DEWALT DCD760KL, 2 compact Lithium-Ion batteries, 30-minute yellowish top Lithium/NiCad charger, and sturdy set box. Along with this, you will additionally obtain a restricted three-year warranty, 90-day money-back assurance, one-year complimentary service agreement, and two-year free program deal on the batteries.

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Consumer Reviews

We have actually doubted a group of people of individuals who possess the DEWALT DCD760KL Cordless Drill. In this area you will find their bad and great discuss this item. We've split them in to classifications, which we think will make it easier for you to rapidly locate the most appropriate details.

Exactly what individuals say concerning the battery & charger of the Dewalt DCD760KL:.

The battery of this DEWALT DCD760KL 18V Cordless Drill could appear bigger as compared to various other drills, but it offers a lot of power and lasts much longer. The resilient Lithium-Ion batteries are highly cherished by individuals. As one of our questioned individuals claimed, "The battery last a long time. Though I didn't understand that Li-Ion batteries simply quit transforming the drill rather than reducing down like a Ni-Cad battery does. This was my initial Li-Ion drill. However, it doesn't induce a trouble, just pop the other battery in and keep going.".

A lot of users said they were surviving the day with just the original battery, yet it is essential to notice that the cost time is so fast that the batteries can be replaces easily and recharged once again swiftly.


DEWALT DCD760KL drill has a bunch of power and 3-speed gearboxes. The hammer action is good sufficient for a 3/8 � gap and the torque is excellent enough for even a 6 � gap saw if it is just one of the new kinds with the deep slots. If you're utilizing Li-Ion drill for the first time, this comment might be useful for you: "I didn't know that Li-Ion batteries just stopped turning the drill rather than slowing down like a Ni-Cad battery does.".


The DEWALT DCD760KL has a comfortable hold that makes this device to be taken care of comfortably. The light weight, small dimension helps to reach the tiniest areas and warranties accurate results: "I adore the smaller drill that allows me to get in to more difficult to get to areas.".

If you're making use of DEWALT DCD760KL for the first time, you might be hooked to review this remark: "The only belongings that triggered me a trouble initially was the brake for the drill motor. If I didn't securely tighten the bits, indicating firming up the drill bit, etc. at a high clutch setting, after a few times of utilizing the drill/driver the bit would come loose. The brake stopped the drill motor so well that the chuck would open up and the little bit would hang. I would certainly anticipate that as the brake puts on a little it could not stop the electric motor so quickly and it will not be an issue. Nevertheless, I wouldn't wish this alternative transformed. It is nice to have it quit that promptly.".


The cost of the DEWALT DCD760KL drill-driver set is worth top quality, as numerous of clients pointed out. You might locate others that are cheaper, however most of them have truly bad batteries: "for expert usage the DCD970 is worth the extra cost and weight. You obtain a professional grade gearbox and clutch and excellent batteries.".

The Pros:.

- Small in dimension that aids to reach the tightest areas.

- The tool is extremely light that lessens hand fatigue.

- Has a dual-speed variety that provides a superior performance.

- Batteries appropriate with the alreadying existing DEWALT 18V power tools.

The Cons:.

- While numerous individuals are satisfied with the efficiency of DEWALT DCD760KL, various other owners of 18V Cordless Drill said that this tool is not tough sufficient if you have to deal with tasks a whole day. We remind that this drill has 2 batteries along with 30-minutes charger consisted of in the DEWALT DCD760KL kit.

- One of the users of the DEWALT DCD760KL Drill claimed he didn't provide the maximum ranking for this device only because "it smells like burnt steel oil after utilizing." We guaranteed the user that this scent is appropriate for all kind of drills.

Overall rating.

After a lengthy examining we developed our decision that if you are trying to find a highly effective, light, easy-handled tool that you will have the ability to utilize a whole day without any interferences, DEWALT DCD760KL 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Cordless Compact Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Kit is the very best solution for you, and a guarantee that all your jobs will certainly be done accurately!

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