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Accurate Rank Tracking

Check keyword the same as normal user, exclude the news and images in serp and adwords.

Acrruate result from specific Countries and Language in Google(.com .ca/ with en/es/fr/etc). default is from Google English USA

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Quick and easy to use , support mobile

Track keyword in minutes after you add keyword.

After that, it will contiute to track keyword rank every day.

Clean Interface by twitter opensource gui competiable with mobile phone and different browser.

Type keywords one time, check from everywhere from mobile, pc only if have internet access.

No description for this

Data is Save, We backup everyday.

If you use desktop one, you may get data loss due pc is crashed or move to another pc.

It will not happen here. host company do it naturally.

Track rank over time, glance by graphic chart

View your historical rankings over specific range by line chart or table

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Multiple Project / Clients by Keyword CategoriesManage keywords into Categories. Add, modify, manage, del categories as need Check report for any category by a private link without login with clients.

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Share a private link

Send someone a private link to keyword rank chart in a specific category to easily view real time result without login or embed it in any webpage to rich your content.

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Excel Report

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How to use?

1, Click here to signup for free

2, create a category

3, import keyword and domain

4, wait a few of minutes to get first rank info.

5, it update daily automatically

Below are some thanks given on bhw

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by awint

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