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"Wiki Warrior" notices

This page is still being documented. Feel free to add to it, but if you have edited the luabridge source files, please do not include your edits here unless they have been added to the SVN. This is especially prominent if you have exposed more functions to the Lua Engine - ie,
Or it will become a source of confusion for users who have not got these edits.

Also note that everything needs to be documented like the old Unit Methods page. That is, we need to have things structured like this:

[[LuaBridge_Class_MethodName|:MethodName(arguments)]] - Description.<br />

It'll be best if you can put the arguments of the method in the link, too. I couldn't do that because I literally ran through all of the CPP files using Regex methods:

Replace the following with ""
(			)
" " (yes, we need to remove all whitespace.)

Run these and replace with [[LuaBridge_Class_\1|:\1(\4)]]<br />

Then run these and replace with [[LuaBridge_Class_\1|:\1()]]<br />

--Sympathy 04:59, 4 March 2011 (MST)

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