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Remote Console

ArcEmu has a built in console for remote administration purposes. It is a telnet host.


Setting up

To set up the Remote Console

1. (Enabling the Console)

Open world.conf and scroll to the lines
<RemoteConsole Enabled="0"

Now change this, for security reasons one can look at using a private hamachi network for remote administration; as as your host will make the remote console listen on all IPs internal and external. This example is going to assume you are using a private hamachi network. Adapt it if your setup is different or if you put faith in your password.

Were going to enable the console like so, and change host to the Hamachi IP address.

<RemoteConsole Enabled="1"

So if your hamachi IP for the server was, it would now be listening on telnet://

2. Connecting to the enabled Remote Console

Connecting to the Telnet console is the same as any other telnet server at this point. If you are having trouble finding a telnet client in windows 7, google around for it... you may have to enable it inside of features. An alternative to this is getting "Putty" which is a telnet client.

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