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Jump to: navigation, search is a Warcraft Text File that tells the WoW client which server to connect to. As of patch 2.1, a patchlist directive was added, presumably in conjunction with the new features of the World of Warcraft Launcher. During patch 3.0.2, the file was moved out of the main World of Warcraft folder into a subfolder (\World of Warcraft\Data\enUS\). Between 3.0.2 and 3.3.5 these values were moved out of this file and into, this file is depreciated and these values should be there instead. This file will not be recreated if deleted, instead these values will be merged with, if deleted.

However since this file is still loaded and useful, documentation is provided.

The example below would be the contents from a enUS client.

set realmlist -- Sets realmlist to a hostname or IP address, the realmlist is the logonserver the client logs into and receives realm data from
set patchlist -- The patchlist is a URL that the client downloads the latest patch information from, which is a template of architecture, OS name, and game name
set realmlistbn "" -- Realmlist for, this seems unused
set portal us -- portal to login to if using a email format username

It is recommended to clear the patchlist value as to not let the client patch! Also you may delete the launcher and launch warcraft directly from "wow.exe"

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