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SendMail(type, senderGuid, receivrGuid, subject, body, money, codAmount, itemRawGuid, stationeryId [, deliverdelay])


Sends immediately a mail, optional with money or items.


Possible values for type:

   NORMAL  = 0
   COD     = 1      (Cash on Delivery)
   AUCTION = 2

Possible values for stationeryID (mail style):

   MAIL_STATIONERY_TEST2		= 41             /That's the default mail. (I don'know why it's written TEST2)
   MAIL_STATIONERY_GM			= 61             /shows a Blizz icon and the title is Support
   MAIL_STATIONERY_AUCTION		= 62             /shows a item icon and a auction house mail background
   MAIL_STATIONERY_VALENTINES		= 64             /shows a Valentine card icon and a valentine mail background
   MAIL_STATIONERY_XMAS			= 65             /shows XMas mail background

deliverdelay: Time in seconds to wait with delivering the mail (Default: 0)


Sends a message FROM the character with ID 15 in the character database TO the actual player, telling him welcome and give some money.

local Sender = 15
SendMail(0, NumberToGUID(Sender), pPlayer:GetGUID(), "Hello", "Welcome", 10000, 0, 0, 41)  -- send 1 gold

SendMail(0, NumberToGUID(Sender), pPlayer:GetGUID(), "Hello", "Welcome", 10000, 0, NumberToGUID(4240), 41) -- send 1 gold and a woolen bag

See Git bug (closed but not fixed !):

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