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Modifies the amount of lifetime honorable kills a player has.


LifeTimeKills(int kills, string check) a player only command.

kills is how many kills you would like to modify by.

check is how you would like to modify. Possible values:

"add"   Adds the amount of kills to the current number of kills the player has.
"del"   Removes the amount of kills from the current number of kills the player has.
"set"   Sets the number of kills to what you specify, regardless of how many kills the player had previously.

as of ArcScripts rev. 1237


If you want to add 500 kills to a player's honorable kills:

player:LifeTimeKills(500, "add")

If you want to remove 1337 kills from a player's honorable kills:

player:LifeTimeKills(1337, "del")

If you want to set a player's honorable kills to 5318008

player:LifeTimeKills(5318008, "set")
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