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GM Access Levels

There are various levels of GM commands you can privilege game accounts with. This can be found in your logon database in the table "accounts". The field "gm" is the one that deals with GM command levels, and which commands that account has access to.

The GM levels are additive, meaning the letters can be combined to provide a user with any desired combination of command groups.

A normal player account should be created with GM level 0. (ZERO)

There are two other Special Command Groups, A and Z. A gives a user access to every command except the ones in the Z group.

An account with GM level AZ (which is A + Z) is considered to have Full Administrator access.

The full list of commands: Game Master Documentation.

Ico info.png Because there was a long-standing confusion over how ArcEmu's GM Level system worked, some commands were placed in Groups that are not appropriate. As such, the following list only shows generally what types of commands are in each Group.

B - Character bans, kicks, paralyze.

C - Block/allow whispers, get tickets from help queue, speak and understand all languages.

D - Debug, lots of advanced functions, see page.

E - Battlegrounds, start, stop, enter, leave.

F - Disconnect by player, disconnect by account.

G - Whisper block/allow.

H - Shows help for commands.

I - Invisible.

J - Invincible.

L - Lookup access.

M - Instant teleport to starting location, char additems/removeitems

N - Reset rep, skills, talent and NPC commands.

O - GameObject commands.

P - Lists GMs online.

Q - Recall commands, list, port, add, delete.

R - Kill player/creature, and revive self/player.

S - Save, save all commands.

T - GM flag on/off. (Adds the <gm> in name)

U - Announcements.

V - Summon/appear at player, worldport and warp to trigger.

W - Waypoint commands.

Special Groups

0 - (ZERO) Normal Player.

A - All commands in the above groups and: Account bans, kicks, mute, and spawn bot. (Does not include commands from the Z group.) This is a normal game master.

Z - Account commands, server restart/shutdown. It is good only you to have these commands or your server may die in less than 5 minutes.

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