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Even though the London Rippers baseball organization decided to cease operations in the summer months of 2012, Catherine Sergautis was a large fan of the team for their entire existence.

Being a resident of Ontario for her entire life, Catherine Sergautis is a proud supporter of all the Ontario sports teams. Catherine Sergautis specifically enjoyed watching the London Rippers as they played in Catherine Sergautis’ home city of London, Ontario. The London Rippers were a proud affiliate of the Frontier League. The Frontier League is based in the town of Sauget, Illinois. The Frontier League is an independent, specialist baseball organization. The Frontier League largely basis their operations in towns and cities that do not have professional sports teams already.

Catherine Sergautis has enjoyed watching the London Rippers play since prior to they were even called the London Rippers. Back in the year 2007, the London Rippers Frontier League baseball team was known as the Slippery Rock Sliders and was found in Slippery Rock, Ohio. Catherine Sergautis followed the advancement of the Slippery Rock Sliders, even via their 2008 name change to the Midwest Sliders. The business was moved again in 2009 and was renamed the Midwest Sliders of Ypsilanti. Catherine Sergautis started hearing rumors that a Frontier League baseball team would quickly be coming to London Ontario.

In 2010 the franchise was moved to Oakland and was known as the Oakland County Cruisers. In 2012 Catherine Sergautis rejoiced as the franchise was lastly brought to Catherine Sergautis’ home city of London, Ontario and was officially called the London Rippers. Catherine Sergautis enjoyed watching the London Rippers play a effective season of baseball. The London Rippers even won their very 1st home game against the Gateway Grizzlies by a score of 4 - 3. Catherine Sergautis hopes to observe the London Rippers resume operations sometime in the near future.

Catherine Sergautis is a great fan of a number of different specialist sports teams. Moreover to previously supporting the now-defunct London Rippers Frontier League baseball organization, Catherine Sergautis is an admirer of the Toronto Raptors basketball team, which is a team that is affiliated with the National Basketball Association (NBA). Catherine Sergautis also is a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs National Hockey League (NHL) team as well as the always-successful Ottawa Senators National Hockey League team.

As far as the Canadian Soccer League is concerned, Catherine Sergautis is a great fan of both Ontario-based teams, the Toronto Argonauts also as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. There are rumors circulating that Ottawa could possibly be receiving a team that would attend the Canadian Football League. Catherine Sergautis will surely be a supporter of the brand-new Ottawa Canadian Football League team should it become a fact. Catherine Sergautis has even been a proud supporter of the National Women’s Hockey League team the Ottawa Raiders.

Catherine Sergautis finds that attending sporting events are full of fun and excitement. To be in a stadium with as numerous as 80,000 other people is something that need to be experienced. Attending sporting events is a fantastic idea for some thing to do with family or friends members. Catherine Sergautis likes to bring friends to sporting events when they visit from out of town. Lovers who attend events can enjoy yummy food and cold drinks as never missing a 2nd of the action on the field, ice or whatever other variety of surface the sport may be played on.

Just like an avid sports fan, Catherine Sergautis has been attending sporting events on a regular basis. Whether it's an intense hockey match, an exhilarating match between two teams in the Canadian Soccer League, or watching some specialist basketball, Catherine Sergautis can not get enough of the exhilarating world of sports.

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