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If you should be looking for a therapy for yourself, your search might stop at The Ritz Hotel in London.  In The Ritz, you'll be presented world class ser-vices that will leave you  completely spellbound male escort london . The  structure of The Ritz Hotel is impressive and  wonderful with 133 locations beautifully reinstated with materials and old-fashioned furniture. The interior in The Ritz is  an ideal mix of antiquity with modernization to allow for people with modern in addition to traditional view.  The Ritz provides of facilities like web with ISDN lines, voice mails and electric-power level provided individually to every area. But, the top the main Ritz Hotel is its great location. The Ritz, located at one of  the greatest environments of London with rooms opening to Knightsbridge, Hyde Park Corner, Piccadilly Circus and the views of Royal gardens of Green Park near Buckingham Palace is sure to catch your eye. You could have the very best of shopping; a great visit to galleries, library and private groups, that are in near proximity, while your stay at The Ritz. 

A Day Tea at The Ritz is some thing you merely can't afford to miss! You need to guide your sitting at least half a year in advance, to savor the taste of kinds of tea provided at The Ritz. That speaks volumes about the recognition of the Afternoon Tea account . To make your Afternoon Tea an event, the Ritz London hotel features a formal dress code for the customers. Gentlemen are expected to wear a Formal coat and tie. training shoes and jeans and improper trouser are a complete number. If you are a tea fan you might have lifetime connection with tasting types of tea. Here your friend may have the preferences of Ritz Royal English, Darjeeling First Flush, Assam Leaf (Tippy Orthodox), Ceylon Orange Pekoe, Russian Caravan, Earl Gray, Lapsang Souchong Imperiale, Jasmine With Bouquets (green), Rose Congou / Pouchong, Chun Mee (green), Oolong (Formosa Taiwan), Moroccan Mint, Elderflower, Camomile Minds, Verveine / Lemon Verbene, Enthusiasm Fruit & Red and Rooibos Red Tea.

Independent of the Afternoon Tea niche, friends at The Ritz resort are treated to number of cakes - rapsberry product cakes, mango cakes, fruit cakes and candy cakes; the Ritz Rose, Hand Tied Bouquets, Flat Tied Bouquets, Top Hat Chocolates, Ritz Rose Champagne and Presents such as Ritz Tea Booking & a book that traces the history of the Ritz since it first opened in 1906, all at affordable costs like us on facebook .
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