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Sameer Jejurikar is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, concentrating on aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. With years of expertise in his field, and training from a few of the country’s best plastic operating doctors, Sameer Jejurikar is known as one of the premier cosmetic operating specialists in Dallas. Throughout his career, Sameer Jejurikar has developed a keen sense of why patients pursue cosmetic surgery, and how the procedures that he performs - for example breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and upper and lower eyelid surgery - can greatly develop individuals’ top quality of life.

For Sameer Jejurikar, practicing medicine, and particularly cosmetic surgery, is everything regarding the patient. That’s why he works with each and every patient to make certain that they end up with the look and reinvigorated visual appeal that most effective suits their wants and desires. So, how does cosmetic surgery develop the lives of Sameer Jejurikar’s patients?

Sameer Jejurikar’s patients have multitudes of causes for in search of out cosmetic surgery, yet for lots of, it is a present to themselves. Some of Sameer Jejurikar’s patients want to look fresher or younger; others search for to modify an aspect of themselves that they’ve at all times desired to develop yet have not been capable to change via diet or exercise. Still others search for to restore a function which was changed through injury or illness.

Cosmetic surgery can give a big boost to confidence and self-esteem to those people who have realistic requirements, and who communicate well with their surgeon to get the optimal result. Sameer Jejurikar works closely with patients to help them to select the particular procedures that most effective fit their desires, and then consults with them to be sure that their final look is totally satisfactory.

Just like an award-winning surgeon, Sameer Jejurikar certainly delivers on the subject of long-term outcomes for his cosmetic surgery patients. Sameer Jejurikar feels honored to help individuals look and feel their absolute most effective.

Among the cosmetic procedures that cosmetic surgeon Sameer Jejurikar nearly all consistently performs is breast augmentation. Working Together With patients from multiple areas in Texas, including Dallas, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen, and Ft. Worth, Sameer Jejurikar has extensive training and expertise in breast enhancement. Sameer Jejurikar virtually all generally performs two types of breast augmentation surgery: implants and lifts.

For patients who want to improve the appearance of their breasts without pursuing implants, Sameer Jejurikar recommends breast lifts, medically known as mastopexy. While the size, fullness, and roundness of the breasts doesn't change in this surgery, Sameer Jejurikar’s honed techniques can result in higher positioning of the breasts, reduction of the size of the areola, and a firmer feel to the breast tissue.

Sameer Jejurikar also is really skilled in breast implant surgeries. Sameer Jejurikar gives a variety of variables when it comes to breast implant surgeries, which can help patients get the exact results that they desire. Whether a patient is investigating silicone or saline implants, Sameer Jejurikar can assist them advance the shape, size, and position of their breasts, with minimum scarring.

As Sameer Jejurikar works primarily out of the Dallas Cosmetic plastic surgery Institute, he has affiliations with several hospitals in the Dallas metro area to make surgery comfortable and convenient. Sameer Jejurikar is famous for his abilities both in the working room and when dealing with patients, and has won numerous awards in recognition of his expertise. The vast majority of nowadays, Sameer Jejurikar was known as to the 2012 Finest Doctors List by D Magazine.

So if you’re intrigued in pursuing breast augmentation surgery in Dallas, why not make contact with Sameer Jejurikar’s office? Dr. Sameer Jejurikar understands that every patient has a different idea of what their ideal body should be, so he is happy to work with you to get the result you wish. Call Sameer Jejurikar’s workplace nowadays at (214) 827-2814 to know more about your options for breast augmentation surgery in Dallas.

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