Dr. Jawed Ehsan: Balancing Personal and Professional Life

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As a healthcare professional that makes himself available to his patients 24/7, Dr. Jawed Ehsan understands the struggle of balancing personal and professional life. Whether you struggle balancing your family with your profession or you fight for time to do your hobby, Dr. Jawed Ehsan has some basic tips to help everyone balance the chaos of their schedule.

First, Dr. Jawed Ehsan encourages people to list their priorities. By sitting down and listing their priorities in order of importance, people can see what’s important to them and schedule their lives to reflect those things. While Dr. Jawed Ehsan cannot determine those priorities for others, he encourages people to always put their families and loved ones in their life before their jobs. For some people, their career is their love, but for most people, Dr. Jawed Ehsan expects that family will be the number one priority.

For Dr. Jawed Ehsan, that number one priority is helping others, which reflects in both his personal and professional life. Patients unanimously brag about Dr. Jawed Ehsan compassion and willingness to go beyond the responsibilities of his job to help them. Because helping others is one of his top priorities, it’s also easy for Dr. Jawed Ehsan to schedule community service into his daily routine.

To further balance life, Dr. Jawed Ehsan encourages people to do something for themselves - something that makes them happy - on a daily basis. For Dr. Jawed Ehsan, his priority of helping others is also what makes him happy, so it’s easy for him to incorporate it into his life. By purposefully scheduling something that makes you happy into your day, Dr. Jawed Ehsan says that you will find a new sense of energy and excitement that will carry you through even the most stressful day at work. Dr. Jawed Ehsan is 50 years old and is an attending physician at the St. Alexis Medical Center.

Even at the age of 50 with many years of experience behind him, Dr. Jawed Ehsan is still in love with his profession. His patients are the biggest benefactors for his continued enthusiasm of working in medicine, as they get to experience his excitement and compassion. However, Dr. Jawed Ehsan realizes that not everyone can remain as passionate about his or her profession as he has. Dr. Jawed Ehsan has some basic tips for maintaining that love for work.

“One of the most basic things we can do is to pursue a career that we love for the right reasons,” says Dr. Jawed Ehsan. As a physician, Dr. Jawed Ehsan understands that not everyone pursues a career path because it’s their passion or what they enjoy doing. Unfortunately, people sometimes make career moves based on what they believe will be the most viable option financially. However, pursuing a career based on money and not passion is one of the easiest ways to grow frustrated with a job, says Dr. Jawed Ehsan.

Aside from pursuing a career that fits inherent skill sets and interests, Dr. Jawed Ehsan encourages people to counterbalance their work lives with something that they love. Whether it’s a hobby or spending time with the family, the stress of work needs to be counterbalanced with something uplifting and fun. Fortunately for Dr. Jawed Ehsan, he can combine his passion for helping others with his profession, as he can help others through medicine. Even at the age of 50, Dr. Jawed Ehsan makes himself available for his patients 24/7 and still has the energy available to perform community service. Despite his age, Dr. Jawed Ehsan still has the energy to be so active because his love and compassion for taking care of others energizes him.

Indeed, Dr. Jawed Ehsan enthusiasm for his profession is so deep that many in the community have taken notice. Chicago Congressman Frank Palone has recognized Dr. Jawed Ehsan as the 2002 Physician of the Year.

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