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The New Year seems to begin with a bang for the online service suppliers and seekers as Ssolver enters the market with its revolutionary platform to focus on the ever growing needs of the service seekers and service companies in the on-line micro job segment.

BlogMentions supplies a no cost marketplace for distinguished service companies , who could make anywhere in the array of $5 to $100 per job.
In accordance with the CEO of Ssolver, “We aren't one amongst the a lot of portals. We have painstakingly ensured that ours remain the most effective ever platform for the on-line community.

Apart from providing FREE services to service providers for $5 job, we also bestow the awards of “Top Marketer System”, “Top ten Service Marketers” and “Top 10 Selling Marketers” every single month to recognize the most beneficial talents.
Based on the star ratings given by the service seekers, we also make sure that the finest capabilities on our platform get the virtually all exposure. The award will be highlighted against the Name and the photo id of the service companies . This is to make certain that skilled service firms get rewarded for their efforts. Also, people utilizing our portal for getting their jobs done get best value for their cash. Not just that, the leading 10 service marketers also get the chance to win high paying out jobs.

We also believe in taking care of the small service companies . Hence, we charge no commission at all for services charged at $5. Therefore , we have attempted to produce a “win-win” situation for everybody dealing with us.”

Online marketers will be charged no expenses for $5 service. For services including $10 to $100, Ssolver charges 20% commission, inclusive of the paypal fees. A few of the other benefits consist of excellent client care service and simple to use terms.

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