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When searching for a free home design software application on the Internet, you have to be careful. Although many items might come up in your search marked as free, a lot of these are simply free trial versions or shareware products that will expire after a short time of usage. However, there are a few that are completely free and still have all the capabilities needed to create an excellent design. The following is a review of what I consider to be the two best free home design software programs available online.
Some of my colleagues are probably going to not like this next paragraph. Oh well. If the truth hurts? I've seen many a future home owner not get what they are wanting in a home in place of what the professional wanted through artistic license. Not only for the fact that you are one paying the bill, but also for the fact that you are the one who inevitably has to live with the house after it's built. Stick to your guns about what you want. The only reason you wouldn't get what you're wanting is if it's either prohibited by code, physically impossible, or it just isn't in the budget.
Chuck Hall with the Culture Artist Organization does workshops on natural building in the Greenville, S.C. and Asheville, N.C. area. Email him at if you want to sponsor a workshop at your building site or sign up for his newsletter on his website to get notices of his workshops. His last one in Greenville was in October 2012 and cost $25.
Drawing custom house plans is an expansive industry, but finding a quality designer with construction experience can be more difficult. Although many individuals claim to be qualified custom home designers, you can determine these qualifications by examining their finished product and verifying satisfaction with their former clients. Quality designs, highly detailed house plans and customer satisfaction are all attributes of an experienced custom home designer.
Most of all, a bit of common sense would be not paying for the entire job until it's complete. If you make arrangements to pay one third or half up front, that's fine. But make sure you can see the finished product before you pay the final amount.
The next step is to plan the first- or main- floor of your miniature doll house. You can design it to be a modern bungalow or a Cape Cod house, for just two examples. Or, you may decide to get adventurous and design it like a European Tudor or Palladian-style house.
Multi-level is a big mixture of styles. These are mostly custom homes that are designed specifically to deal with things such as highly sloping lots. The most common styles that fall in the multi-level category is: split-levels, split-foyers, high ranches and tri-levels. Most of these are hybrid combinations of ranches and two story plans, conceived by builders as cost-effective variations to the basic styles. These styles are still very popular, but have lost their universal appeal.
You furthermore want to make certain there is allowance for some design changes during the actual construction stage. In addition to the aesthetic options, make sure you are able to control how much insulation is built into the house. Folks living in the north will need more than those in the south and using dog house blueprints will enable you to adapt the insulation determined by your environment and specifications.
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