Dating Beautiful Ladies - Three Rules for Dating Wonderful Women

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If you don't use these three guidelines for dating girls, you are missing on a lot of chances. Use them each time you are dating girls.

When dating women, there are certain factors that you don't really require; on the other hand there are some other things that you totally have to have in order to date ladies effectively.

These three guidelines I'm about to present to you are the most essential things you are going to use.

Understand them and use them, if you don't, you will be missing a on a tons of opportunities.

1· The first rule for dating women is never try to win over her

I'm serious- never try to win over a woman.

I'm sure that most men are shaking their heads whilst reading this and not agreeing with me.

Most gentlemen are wrong about this issue. They feel that courting ladies is all about winning her and making her the prize.

It might be real in Hollywood's movies, but in actuality, it really is totally false.

Believe it or not, a female would like you to be the trophy and HER pursuing you.

If you do not believe me, just try out this little test:

Go meet a new woman, meet up her for one day and make sure it's fantastic, then don't get in touch with her for a few days, right after that meet her for another day and let it to be , then againdo not get in touch with her at all.

You will notice a odd thing- she will get in touch with you and attempt to set a date out with you.

She is pursuing you!

I do not advise that you must play this trick with girls, what I'm suggesting is that you need to give more significance to yourself than you are giving to the lady.

2· The second rule for courting girls is always be the one to lead

There is one particular point that will scare ladies off. It's a man who does not know what he wants.

"Where can I take you?"

"When do you want to meet?"

"What should we talk about?"

Women are screaming inside of themselves when you say something like this. If you want to take women for clubbing without hiccups, those are the phrases that you need to avoid.

They would rather chat about something uninteresting and terrible that you choose instead of choosing themselves the subject.

3· The third rule for dating girls is be neat

There are a lot of guys thinking that dating girls is all about strategies and topics to chat about.

They are relatively right, but they are missing out on a massively important point here.

Most girls will see your outer looks first to decide upon whether or not they will date you or not.

This is why this advice is so critical.

If you neglect your outer apperance, no woman will permit you to use the tactics and stuff that you have learnt on her.

I don't suggest that you have to get yourself expensive suits and other brand names clothes, looking great is all about fashion. Read this post I've composed: Look appealing to women, especially to show fellas how to look the most eye-catching to girls.

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