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Firstly, we've to under stand the character and qualities of the tourists. As I am the one who is a tourist information for almost a decade and in Patta...

Pattaya beach is truly famous for visitors, not only for Thai travelers but also to people throughout the world. Pattaya gain its name in the beauty of shores along with selection of beach activities. Nevertheless, there are differences in terms of the style of travel of foreign tourist from different places.

Firstly, we've to under stand the nature and qualities of the travelers. When I am the person who is a tourist guide for many the main nation and in Pattaya and almost 10 years. The big difference of the tourist behavior sometimes depends on the location which they result from. As an example, people from Europe and USA will probably choose relaxing trip in place of sight-seeing trip or joining many type of actions. This can also be depends on the climate of every region that they come from, for the one comes from the region that has long winter, they intend to relax with some countries in tropical area like Indonesia (Bali), Thailand and so on. Mean while visitors from other country like Asia seem to enjoy activities rather lying around the beach and pleasure with sunbath visit immigration reform .

The number of foreign visitors from western region who visited Pattaya city reaches million per year. According to this reason, many of hotels and resorts in Pattaya area need to provide excellent services to be able to survive in this very competitive industry to attract guest from this regions.

Beach hotel indicates the hotel that located near to the beach or have its own private beach to provide service to visitors. It's the priority for foreign people to appear for hotel accommodation that has personal beach for them to relax. Fortunately, there are quite quantity of lavish five stars hotel in Pattaya which has private beach to ensure that visitors are able to appreciate holiday.

But, in general, these hotels have online booking system of their own as well as having handles travel agent or online resort booking internet sites. However, for people who've to plan the journey in advance, they have to book for housing through local travel agent or make hotel reservation through web sites. And the fact is that it's really important for them to make sure, where they could relax on the cosy and private beach if they wish to guide for hotel, they have to view the picture of the housing and the beach that the hotel has. This is because sometimes there's misunderstanding of the situation and place of the hotel.

As long as on the web booking system does not provide complete visual of the hotel, specifically for the little hotel booking web sites which will provide basic images of accommodation and often they're out of date. Thus, you as a traveler could have to look at the hotel official sites to see the complete pictures of the hotel before you make decision to make a reservation. Also, if possible you may have to call the hotel to always check the space availability particularly if you plan to go during high season, which will be about December to April.

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