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Converting design from Photoshop to HTML is a primary step to turn a static image format based website design live on web. Wondering how?? In this article, you are going to learn significant importance of Psd to XHTML conversion in the process of website development and why it is necessary to convert image-to-markup.

With an enormously increasing popularity of online shopping, more and more people nowadays engaging themselves into e-business, which requires fully functional website. Since, the coding part involved in turning psd files to markup languages is not a simple task, it requires solid wisdom of HTML, css, HTML5, css3, php and other advanced frameworks. This is the reason a lot of people prefer to outsource professional photoshop to HTML solution provider dedicated services to convert psd to xHTML. All this has given much hype to the demand of Psd to XHTML/Css or PSD to HTML5/Css3 conversion service.

To serve the ever-growing service demand, many of the service providers are entering into the field to offer you affordable coding solutions. However, with hundreds and thousands of professional PSD to HTML companies, choosing right markup partner can be a difficult task. Continue reading this article below, if you are also looking for some quick tips on "How to Select Right PSD to HTML Conversion Company?" The following things should be kept in mind while hiring coding services from any Photoshop to HTML Conversion Service Provider. Let's take a look:

1) A stronger portfolio is the first and foremost important thing you should look for when choosing your service partner. The reason is simple - a portfolio itself speaks whole story of a PSD to HTML service provider's credibility loudly.

2) Second thing that you should consider is how much a company charging for Photoshop to xHTML conversion service. Truly speaking, it is one of the most significant aspects in the selection process of a right coding partner. Before hiring services from a company, it is advisable to make price comparison amongst different available service plans offered to you by various companies.

3) Does company convert image format based files in hand written, pixel-perfect, seo semantic, well-commented, W3C standards compliant, Dreamweaver compatible, browser compatible, fully optimized XHTML/Css + HTML5/ Css3 markups?

4) Never forget to check out referrals and testimonials shared by existing clients in response to the services provide to them by company. Client's testimonials give you answers to all your questions.

5) Minimum turnaround time, customer care support, technical support, availability at the time of emergency, best price guarantee, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee or money refund policy, Non-Disclosure agreement are some other important aspects you should ask from our partner at the time of hiring dedicated coding services of a web programmer.

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