Content Marketing Tips Every Marketer Ought to Know

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Offer Content on Popular Topics

Cruise around niche forums and blogs to find out which topics are generating a lot of views and discussion. Then create your own article on these topics. Don't be afraid to take a strong stand or get controversial!

Give Your Readers What They Want

One way to find out what your readers want is to survey them and then create articles around the topics that they request. Another way to give them what they want is by finding out what types of information they're already consuming. Specifically, you can find out what information your market is buying... and then give them related content.

All you have to do to find out what they're buying is to go to information-product marketplaces like and Simply enter your broad niche keywords in the search box (like "organic gardening"). Those products appearing at the top of the search results are your most popular products. You'll want to create content on a similar topic.

TIP: On you can peek inside the book and see the full table of contents. This table of contents should give you dozens of article ideas. Then check the user reviews of this product to find out what it is about this book that customers like so much. This information combined with the ideas from the table of contents should give you several solid article ideas.

The ebooks on Clickbank don't always have a table of contents available, nor do they have reviews listed alongside the product. However, you can still get content ideas by reading the sales letter. Pay particular attention to the bulleted lists, as each bullet will likely give you an idea for an article!

Create Content With a Specific Purpose

Your article probably has a dual purpose. On the one hand, the purpose is to help the reader solve a problem or get some needed information. But you want to benefit from the article too, whether it's for backlinks, product sales, traffic to your blog, to build a list, etc.

For best results, be sure that your purpose is clear before you even sit down to write an article. That way, you'll be sure to construct your article with your specific goal in mind... which makes it easier for you to accomplish that goal.

TIP: Try to stick to a singular purpose. If you have too many goals, you probably won't achieve any of them. For example, if you try to promote both a product and your newsletter in one article, your reader will get confused. Keep it simple and you'll have a better shot at getting your prospect to take a desired action.

Don't Completely Solve Your Reader's Problem

Your article should be useful but incomplete. That means it should solve part of your prospect's problem, so that he sees you as an expert who creates high-quality, useful information. And yet you don't want to completely solve your prospect's problem, otherwise he won't have a reason to click on your signature file.

One way to offer useful but incomplete information is by telling someone what to do, but not how to do it. For example, an article about raising puppies might instruct the reader to "socialize the puppy," without giving specific instructions on how, exactly, to do it. The information is useful, but incomplete, so the reader needs to click on your links to learn more.

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