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Every 'New Year' starts with lots of do's and don'ts about how to take our life forward so that we can reach to our heart's desires and fulfill our dreams. Bright and breezy energy of the New Year encourages us to set our intentions and have a wonderful beginning almost every New Year. Irrespective of the unsatisfactory results of the previous year, we clean the slate and start a fresh at the start of every year. Unfortunately the energy of the New Year remains only for some days and the light tends to fed as we get busier in the daily nitty-gritty and forget to concentrate on our goals.

Whichever area you set your intentions into, you must not forget to work on the core of your heart's desires. Whichever method you use to fulfill your heart's desire you must not forget to follow the path with consistency and commitment. Having a commitment in one area of your life and remaining uncommitted towards another will create an imbalance and chaos in your life.

Do you question your beliefs? Having goals on a list and not knowing whether they resonate with your inner-self or not will not work in your favor. If you have a habit of accepting and believing everything that comes from your deeper mind then this could be the area that needs to be worked out before you start working on your goals.

Whether it is your spiritual belief or anything to do with who you are, you must always question it. We are so much conditioned to believe our spiritual beliefs or anything about ourselves, that we almost underestimate our own strengths and we forget who we are at the core. Those beliefs are either forced upon us from the childhood or the beliefs that we accepted unconsciously as a child from our parents.

Develop the habit of questioning your beliefs and ask yourself, is this belief really serving me? Is this belief limiting me or empowering me to express my true identity in the world. Is this belief helping me to reach out to people who resonate with my core values or is it leading me towards people who do not match my true self. So, if you keep attracting people who do not resonate with who you are then this is the time to question your beliefs. Ask yourself, what is my belief in this area that is attracting this kind of experience in my life? How can I change this? What do I have to believe to have fulfilling results in my life?

Cultivate a habit of questioning your beliefs that are not serving you anymore and you will be amazed at the results you get in your life.

Some people have beliefs about the people in their life, that people always take advantage of their generosity or people are bad and you must 'never' trust them. Oh really? Does 'everybody' take advantage of your innocence? How can that be true?

Do You Have A belief that you are not destined to have a loving and caring life partner or maybe it is not in your destiny to have a soul mate? People believe that they are destined to have certain kind of people in their family and maybe it is their past karma that is bringing certain experiences in their life. Past karma may be playing tricks on you but knowing that the past karma is an energy field in the deeper layers of our mind and it needs to be freed rather that multiplying its strength by believing in a certain belief may serve you better. Free the energy of your old beliefs that are attracting wrong circumstances in your life or that are helping you no longer. From this day onwards, I am not going to accept certain astrological belief that was enforced upon me from the childhood. Knowing and releasing the energy of this belief frees me from believing things that are not serving me.

People also try to change the 'effects' of their bad choices by pleasing God through rituals. Believing that your life is not changing because God does not listen to your prayers, or if you chant a certain mantra or recite it for n number times then all your problems will be solved, or going to the temple or a church on a particular day brings the good fortune or luck, is nothing but ignorance. Also a belief, about not eating animal meat on a certain day will free you from all your bad karmas and solve all your problems, shows how we accept certain things unconsciously without even questioning them.

Instead of pleasing God to eradicate the karmic energy or the effects of your past actions why not take charge of your own thoughts, intentions and mental patterns? Trying to change the effects of your past actions will lead you towards frustrations so work on the 'cause' if you really want to change any area of your life.

If you have not achieved anything worthwhile in any area of your life then you must dig deeper into your old conditioning around that area to see how you have imprisoned yourself by not questioning your beliefs.Your 'Goal setting' may not work if you are not observant around what you believe unconsciously about what you want to achieve in your life. It is not about merely saying that you won't believe in certain beliefs but what you say or believe must resonate with your deeper self. The change must come from within.

Wiping out something that no longer works and introducing the energy of a new belief in your mind will help you create the life you want. We all have access to our true power by remaining conscious of our intentions and beliefs. If your intentions are not good or if you don't question your old beliefs then you may be far from what you want to achieve in Again, the 'energy' of your 'intentions' and what you 'believe' will set the path for you, whether good or bad.

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