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Legit Cornhole was initiated with a basic premise: give the buyer what they really want. Drew Shytle's first cornhole board was a commission. A friend wished to give her husband a special birthday gift. She approached Drew Shytle to find out if he could generate a cornhole board for her. Drew Shytle was pleased to help her. He was also surprised to see how a lot of other individuals were interested in having cornhole boards of their very own. Legit Cornhole was created to provide clients a good quality, custom product. All of the cornhole boards are handmade in Lexington, North Carolina.

Drew Shytle is interested in design. He thought it'd add personality to his cornhole boards if they could possibly be custom created either by the consumer or him. That is a service that he still offers. Another idea that made sense to Drew Shytle was using collegiate logos on his cornhole boards. Cornhole is especially popular at tailgating events and it made sense that a market might exist for team oriented boards. Followers are always searching for ways to show support for their favourite team. Drew Shytle approached the firm that handles licensing for collegiate sports. He had an eye-catching presentation and samples of his work. The board was impressed. Soon Drew Shytle was able to supply National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) logos as a custom option on his boards. Lovers really came out in huge numbers to help the business when the licensing came through.

Drew Shytle kept thinking concerning the accomplishment of his collegiate line of cornhole game tables. He started brainstorming to think of other objects which might be very popular at tailgating events and for NCAA followers typically. Drew Shytle designed a unique folding tailgate table and bar stools. Both items may be designed with an NCAA team logo. The NCAA and Legit Cornhole are a winning combination.

Lovers of cornhole can make use of the design service at Legit Cornhole to produce a unique game board. Cornhole has gained popularity over the last numerous years. It is a great, outdoor game. Cornhole is particularly very popular at tailgating events, barbecues, and the seaside. It's an easy game that includes tossing a corn filled bag at the game board so as to gain points. Finding a superior cornhole game board is hard. For clients trying to find a high quality and custom game board the search is over; get in touch with Drew Shytle at Legit Cornhole.

Each cornhole game board is custom produced by hand. The very same superior and attention to detail goes into the creation of every board generated by Drew Shytle. The next step in the procedure is to choose a theme for the board. As cornhole is linked to tailgating numerous clients opt for a favorite team's logo. Trademark logos are something which is unique to Legit Cornhole. Drew Shytle has secured the licensing rights for teams from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the National Soccer League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), and the National Hockey League (NHL). That gives customers a lot of choices. If you wish your cornhole game board to show assist for your favourite team Legit Cornhole is the right choice according to Drew Shytle.

Clients can also generate a cornhole board that reflects their personal style. Drew Shytle is a talented designer that will work with his customers to create a real work of art. Legit Cornhole is additionally capable to incorporate a client's own design into use on a cornhole game board. The probabilities are really endless in terms of design. The surface of the cornhole game board is very large so there's many room to get creative according to Drew Shytle.

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