Best ten Locations to Pay a visit to in London

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London enchants every person who comes here. This is a location filled with entertaining and entertainment and it also has a history to bank on. Palaces, parks and museums are there in great number. So let us begin our journey and explore London.Tower of London: Located on the north bank of river Thames, this is marvelous palace to go for. Recently it has also been included in UNESCO planet heritage list. Earlier this place was identified for torture and great misery.Buckingham Palace: Visit this spot for the changing of guards. It is very funny to appear at the guards with big black hats. This spot attracts millions of visitor each year aurora clinic information .St Pauls Cathedral: Built in 1710, this is a lovely church. St Pauls Cathedral has amazing interiors and go to this place for guys and girls who risked their lives for its safety. Also appear out for acoustics simply because it is quite intriguing image .West Finish: This is art capital of London and has numerous theatres. Take pleasure in plays and musical shows which run all through the day. There is every opportunity of meeting your favourite actor since they are also standard visitor right here.Westminster Abbey: This place is one particular of the tourist attractions of London. There are many big names buried here. Visit this place for the architecture and rest assure about cherished memories you will carry home.Trafalgar Square: This is a location when visited for feeding pigeons but that is not permitted these days. Go there for many monuments and you will not be disappointed.Clock Tower: Usually referred to as Big Ben this is a single of the most pictured tower next . Visit this place for getting enjoyable and taking snaps of the world largest four faced chimney clock. The complete encounter will be incredible.Harrods shop: Any trip is incomplete without purchasing. Harrods retailer is world well-known and you can get many issues for close to and dear ones back house.London Eye: Take a ride of this London Eye and you will say why I did not come here earlier? London Eye provides you a panoramic view of London.Hyde Park: Spread more than far more than 300 acres, this is a single of the parks that give London a greener appear. You can check this one and also given that it is closer to many other attractions, this is a should for your London visit.Aurora Clinics
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