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James DeFrantz has enjoyed lots of gratifying experiences in his life. Some of those experiences have been on the personal level, others on the skilled level, and still others on a higher, spiritual level. Though James DeFrantz has enjoyed an incredibly successful career in fund and bank regulation for 30+ years, he still feels that one of his virtually all satisfying activities is his current service as a small group leader at his church in Hayward, California.

As a small group leader, it is James DeFrantz’s responsibility to do several things every Sunday morning at church:

• Facilitate Discussions. One of James DeFrantz’s main roles is to facilitate discussions in the small group. Frequently, the group will listen to a speaker - whether it is a pastor or visiting speaker. When the speaker is finished, James DeFrantz and his small group will turn together to address the subject that the speaker brought up, quite often applying the lesson to their very own lives.
• Plan Lessons. Other times, James DeFrantz will be responsible for planning lessons, himself. With several life experience to draw on, as well as his own studying, James DeFrantz enjoys planning mini-lessons. Even though having a busy career, he consistently sets aside time to plan good lessons.
• Encourage Community. Thirdly, it falls to James DeFrantz to encourage community between small group members. When completely new members join, James DeFrantz does every thing he can to make them feel like they’re properly welcomed into the group.
• Provide Resources. When small group members are going via difficult times, James DeFrantz usually takes the initiative in getting them the sources that they require. The spouse of a hospitalized small group member might need prepared meals as small group members struggling with employment might need financial aid. James DeFrantz does whatever he can to be accommodating.

James DeFrantz is probably most effective known for his work in the fields of monetary and banking rules. Nevertheless, James DeFrantz can do more than fund and law. He is also very the precious and knowledgeable guy to possess around when you require leadership advice at a non-profit.

James DeFrantz is proud to have served on the Board of Directors for two different non-profit organizations, the Judy Davis Foundation and the Making Waves Foundation. Both of all these foundations do great things in the community, that is the major reason why James DeFrantz was motivated to start serving with them.

As serving on Boards is a ability James DeFrantz is specifically good at, he believes that volunteer service - on any level - need to be a priority in any person’s life. If you have not volunteered much in your time, then right here are three causes why James DeFrantz thinks you should seriously think hooking up with a non-profit/charitable organization…

#1 Making a Difference

Of course, the main reason to volunteer is to make a difference in the community/country/world. Any non-profit has a reason behind existing. largely speaking:

1. There is a problem.
2. A non-profit is created to address it.
3. The planet becomes a better place.

a trifle idealistic? James DeFrantz doesn’t think so. He is seen this happen over and over in the world!

#2 Making Connections

Secondly, a non-profit is a great method to make connections with other individuals in the community who share your interests - and some who do not, which is also important! James DeFrantz has met some fantastic people in California because of serving on the Board of Directors for two non-profits.

#3 Making Memories

And finally , once you volunteer in your community, you will generate treasured memories. James DeFrantz looks back fondly on his volunteer experiences.

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