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One of the most precious travel destinations in Canada may be the Banff and Lake Louise area situated in the  province of Alberta. The town of Banff is 90 minutes (75 miles) west of Calgary and is at the Banff National Park, a World Heritage  site. Since the Banff area reaches the eastern  fringe of the Canadian Rocky Mountain range one can begin to see the Rocky Mountains from Calgary. It's  also among the most-visited areas in Canada all year round since the rugged beauty  of the hills and the protected wilderness draws tourists from across the world <a  href="">canada by train</a> . During the winter, the three local hotels of Norquay Mystic Ridge, Sunshine Village and Lake Louise  provide some of the best snow skiing around. 

You'll find so many shops, restaurants and small to mid-sized hotels in the town of Banff which explains why the most of people utilize it as the base throughout their stays. Town itself is small enough to go around in since large-scale development is restricted since Banff is located inside a national park. Consequently, town of Canmore just outside the national park boundary has changed into a position of development. This offers tourists with rental cars another choice for accommodations. There's an entire range of accommodations from budget hotels to the ritzy and grand Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel overlooking the valley. Many hotels have opinions of the mountain ranges and I can personally claim that there's something very mysterious about waking up and seeing a snow capped peak first thing in the day, particularly throughout the time.

Like the selection of rooms, the number of dining opportunities includes the entire range as well. People may eat at probably the most extravagant eating establishments or buy their own goods at the neighborhood grocer. One thing for meat lovers is not to miss the Alberta excellent rib here which will be an area specialty. It practically melts in your mouth. Some restaurants offer very nice 24 ounce (or maybe more) amounts called mountain reductions for individuals who think they are able to eat it all.

You'll find so many activities through the non-winter times including horseback riding, hiking, fishing, tennis and a hot springs spa heated naturally from the mountain. The great mountain scenery just makes these actions seem that much more particular here. Imagine golf with views of mountains in the background and glimpses of elk. Needless to say, the winters possess the skiing and snowboarding but there are other winter activities such as dog sledding and snowmobile tours. For skiers and boarders, there is an excellent coach shuttle system set up which picks skiers up at different locations around town and carries them to any of the three ski resorts mentioned earlier. Some shuttle stops are right not in the many hotels so for many, it may be door-to pitch and reunite service. Most skiers opt to ski all three resorts in their stays.

Lake Louise is approximately 45 minutes (35 miles) further to the mountain range and home to one of the largest ski areas in United States. World class activities are used here as well as a past cold temperatures Olympics and the resort Lake Louise is repaired by the snow shuttle program from Banff. Even for non-skiers, a tour to Lake Louise is a must. The largest hotel there, the Chateau Lake Louise, is right next to the beautiful Lake Louise it-self. There's a glacier named Victoria Glacier which can be situated between snow capped mountains. Throughout the winters, the river is totally frozen and people could walk right across it. The hotel usually sets up a skating region on-the sea. Throughout the summers, you can still see some of the white snow capped peaks along with the glacier but what makes things really special will be the sea it self too which is an emerald green color. On particular days and hours, the lake gives a expression of-the mountain/glacier world. This combination gives among the most wonderful and photographed scenes in Canada. No motorized boats are allowed in the river but there are canoe rentals available. While seeing the glacier and mountain range is one of the very particular, calm actions taking a canoe across the sea one may do.

The wild-life within the Banff and Lake Louise area is still another appeal company website . You can find wildlife recognizing tours available but everytime I've traveled to the region, I have seen deer and elk over the streets and roads. I've even seen them wander straight into the top of the Banff Springs hotel. The road leading around the Norquay Mystic Ridge ski-resort just beyond Banff is a wonderful place for wildlife. On every drive up that particular road whether through the cold weather o-r summer, I've always seen fluorescent horned mountain goats. Most are very much accustomed to cars that they would just move aside for cars to get by but would still stick to the roads. This makes great photo opportunities.

A very important factor to be cautious of particularly when climbing is the likelihood of bears. Through the non-winter seasons, look closely at the area rangers who provide accounts of bear sightings as it isn't recommended to take tracks where bears have recently been.

Several world tourists think of Canada as a land of wonderful natural scenery and although the place is a lot more than that, the Banff and Lake Louise area is most likely one of the most effective examples of Canadian natural beauty read this . It is a spot that draws visitors, Canadians and dangerous alike, back-to the region like it does for me every couple of years.

Explanation of the Banff and Lake Louise area, among the most beautiful and scenic all year round places in Canada. Also a top ski destination.Amtrak Vacations

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