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Douglas Paul Farr, a industrial litigation attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah, took a rather unusual path from high school to law school. While virtually all attorneys study business, communication, or fund during their college yrs, Douglas Paul Farr decided to pursue a totally different subject: anthropology.

As an anthropology major, Douglas Paul Farr developed a powerful study ability set and became adept at applying theories to raw data and unique situations. Anthropology is a amazing meeting point between the sciences and the arts, that makes it the best educative background for law school.

Here are a couple of causes why Douglas Paul Farr thinks that anthropology is a fantastic college major for future attorneys:

• As an anthropology student, you’ll learn how to investigation . Anthropology students need to draw from a broad selection of texts in numerous fields, including literature, religion, geology, history, sociology, linguistics, archaeology, philosophy, and far more .
• Anthropology pupils tend to be far better at organizing and analyzing data than any other Bachelor of Arts applicants. As a B.A. is fantastic preparation for law school, pupils from nearly all disciplines tend to feel under-prepared on the subject of facing the statistical and data challenges presented by law school. Anthropology students, on the other hand, are bounds and leaps beyond their peers, believes Douglas Paul Farr.
• Thirdly, Douglas Paul Farr believes that anthropology is an excellent option to strengthen your powers of observation. This application of the degree is slightly more esoteric than the others. Nevertheless, when you are a law student, much of your accomplishment will follow your powers of observation. Anthropology teaches you how to build and hone such competencies .

Thinking about anthropology? It absolutely isn’t an easy major to select - nor will it be directly applicable for nearly all pros. Nevertheless, if you know how to spin it, anthropology is a extremely saleable discipline, believes Douglas Paul Farr.

In 2010, Douglas Paul Farr graduated cum laude from the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University. The accomplishment was a big milestone for Farr, 31 at the time. Now, three years later, Douglas Paul Farr is genuinely hitting his stride. Working as a industrial litigation attorney for a law firm in Salt Lake City, Douglas Paul Farr is putting his law school training to excellent utilize.

Nevertheless, it was not too long ago that Douglas Paul Farr was picking out where he would attend law school. If you’re thinking about in which you may wish to gain your J.D., Douglas Paul Farr would urge you to take into consideration the following 4 factors…


Location is more important than you might think, advises Douglas Paul Farr. As you absolutely are under no obligation to practice in the city which you attend law school, it’s natural for a lot of law pupils to stay planted. After all, you’re going to build connections with the local legal community. So, when you graduate, your very best wager may be to search for a job in the market you already know. Would you really want to live and practice in the city that the school you’re considering is based in?


Next, think the possibilities. What publications could you get involved with? Douglas Paul Farr was the Executive Editor of the BYU Journal of Public Law throughout his days as a law student. He also traveled to London to spend sometime as a legal extern. Considering what other options are available outside of the classroom is key.


Thirdly, Douglas Paul Farr suggests looking into the school’s faculty. Are you interested in a particular facet of law? How will these interests be met at the school you’re considering?


And finally , what’s the cost? Law school charges run the gamut. Select one you can afford - not one you’ll be paying back for the next decade.

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