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These are commands specific to auras. You can get an aura through Unit/Player:GetAuraObjectById(spell id), and use that similar to how you would use Unit or Player. For instance,

function OnCombat(Unit, event)
    local aura = Unit:GetAuraObjectById(1337)
    local spell_id = aura:GetSpellId()
    --spell id would be 1337
    tostring( aura:GetCaster() ) == tostring( Unit ) --would return true
    --just stick aura:... in front of the command the same way you would Player or Unit

Function List

Most of the descriptions were copied from Trunk/LUA_ENGINE_COMMANDS.txt

:GetObjectType() : Will return "Aura" if the aura is not nil.
:GetSpellId() : Returns the aura's spell id.
:GetCaster() : Returns the object that casted the aura. Can be a Unit, Game Object, or Item.
:GetTarget() : Returns the target of the aura; the person who is currently affected by it.
:GetDuration() : Returns the duration in miliseconds.
:SetDuration(duration) : Sets the duration of the aura. The aura will be removed after the duration has passed.
:GetTimeLeft() : Returns the amount of time left until the aura expires in miliseconds.
:SetNegative([amount]) : Sets the aura specified as negative, amount is optional; the number of "points" to take away. (Some spells need more "points" to be removed to make it negative, generally unneeded though)
:SetPositive([amount]) : Sets the aura specified as positive, amount is optional; the number of points to add.
:Remove() : Removes the aura & all of its events (duration, etc.,).
:SetVar(var [,subindex], value) : var is a string referring to a parameter of Spell. subindex is optional; used when the variable you are setting has sub indexes. value is what you want to set it to. Returns true on success, false on failure.
:GetVar(var [,subindex]) : See above, but returns the value on success or nil on failure.
:GetAuraSlot() : Returns the slot that the aura is in. See Unit.h for meanings.
:SetAuraSlot(slot) : Sets the aura's slot. See Unit.h for meanings.

The following 3 functions will be called from a Player or Unit, not an aura, and they deal with or return an aura object.
:GetAuraObject(slot) : Returns the aura object at that slot.
:GetAuraObjectById(spell id) : Returns an aura object for the spell id.
:AddAuraObject(aura) : aura is not a spell id. It is an aura object.

The following do not return aura objects, and are still called from a Player or Unit, not an "aura" object.
:RemoveAura(SpellID) : If the unit has the aura with the spell given, will remove it.
:RemoveAllAuras() : Removes all auras, positive or negative, from the unit or target.
:HasAura(spellID) : Checks if the target or unit has the spell aura specified.
:RemoveAurasByMechanic(string, 1 or 0) : Removes auras with the mechanic specified in string form, set to 1 for only the hostile auras, set to 0 to remove all auras with given mechanic type.
:RemoveAurasType(type) : Removes all auras with the given type, similar to RemoveAurasByMechanic.
:AddAura(spellid, duration, temp) : Adds aura with spell id, duration, and if it is temporary or not (true/false). See core for more info.
:RemoveNegativeAuras() : Removes every negative aura from the unit.
:GetAura(slot) : Returns the spell id of the aura at the slot.
:HasAuraWithMechanic(number) : Returns true if the unit/player has the aura with said mechanic.
:HasNegativeAura() : Returns true if the player has any negative aura.
:HasPositiveAura() : Returns true if the player has any positive aura.
:GetAuraStackCount(spell id) : Returns the number of stacks the aura has.

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