Astrology Feng Shui Magic Spells and Selling Homes

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Astrology, Feng Shui, Magic Spells ... and Selling Homes

As somebody in the real estate sector, I'm constantly excited to find out more about purchasing and selling methods. I'm not sure exactly what to think about utilizing astrology to sell a home.

Astrology has actually been utilized to divine the future since prior to the Common Age. Numerous individuals today see it as a safe enjoyment.

In some cases, astrology becomes major company, generating sites like that offers subscriptions for astrology concerns, natal graphes, and company outlooks. One site guaranteed that my issues offering a house stemmed from not having my house in appropriate positioning with the stars. Some Realtors even declare that they utilize astrology to offer homes.

Some individuals think that they can help you offer your home. If Eastern magic appeals to you more, there's a website that offers Chinese Success Oil at the deal rate of 39.95.

One website selling St. Joseph statues intimates that you can offer your residence much faster if you purchase the larger statuary size. One asks yourself why it is needed to deep-six an effigy of a saint in order for him to take notice of your home offering distress, however there is no description honest from history aside from anecdotes.

Feng shui likewise draws in cash from individuals who think that this practice can assist them offer homes. 19.95 purchases one details about their aspect at one internet site. One feng shui specialist who works in genuine estate charges $150.

Magic spells and astrology, though ... are these individuals real, or are they just taking individuals' cash? It's one thing to look at your horoscope for enjoyment; an additional to hand somebody hundreds or thousands of dollars, just to be informed that your residence didn't sell since the stars just weren't lined up effectively.

In the end, I would advise you to put your faith in a Real estate agent, whose 'magic' you can depend on.

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