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Total Step By Step Guide To Solar & Wind Power

  • Step-by-Step Instructions, SO EASY, that even someone who has never heard of renewable energy can build fully functioning solar panels and wind turbines.
  • Illustrated Diagrams that cover every step of assembling your wind turbine, solar panel, and integrating them into your existing power system.
  • Complete 1 Hour Video Series that teaches you how to

build solar panels, step-by-step.

  • Instructions on where to find parts. The parts you need, for prices anyone can afford!
  • Detailed Instructions that walk you step by step to design a green power solution that will supply part, or all of your power needs.
  • Information on how to take advantage of government rebates for green power. This can reduce the cost of your alternative power solution to almost nothing!
  • Wiring diagrams that help you to decide the best way to wire the system to your home, the best way to design your battery bank (for power storage), and how to take your home off the grid,

And much much more ...Green Power Easy really is the Full Alternative Energy Solution.

Guaranteed Bonus for Converting to Solar Energy!,  Guaranteed Bonus for Converting to Solar Power!,  Assured Bonus for Converting to Solar Power!
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