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The ArenaTeamCache.wdb holds basic information for arena teams you have seen playing the game.

This file is not used.

  • Signature: [Unknown]


Column	Field 		Type 		Notes 
1 	ID		int 	
2 	EntryLength 	int 	
3 	DuplicateId 	int 			
4 	TeamName 	char[96] 	
5 	TeamSize 	int		2, 3, or 5. The size of the team.
6 	BackgroundColor uint32 	
7 	EmblemId 	int 		The emblem # as used in Interface\\PVPFrame\\Icons\\PVP-Banner-Emblem-##
8 	EmblemColor	uint32		
9 	BorderId 	int     	The border # as used in Interface\\PVPFrame\\PVP-Banner-<TEAM SIZE>-Border-<BORDER NUMBER> 
10 	BorderColor	uint32
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