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Not every individual finds permanent employment in their field of study. In a hard economy like nowadays, individuals have had to work for businesses where their skills can be compatible or useful even if they're not directly related. In the case of Julian Peter Andretta, working for a business dedicated to the sale of cycling equipment and other related merchandise has little to do with the degree that he studied for as a college student.

Julian Peter Andretta went to school to learn architecture. For his studies, he attended Savannah College of Art and Design. As a college student, he decided to make the most out of his college schooling by getting involved in internships which would help him practice his credentials as a student while gaining the "real world experience" that a lot of employers try to find when employing even the virtually all basic of positions.

For his internship, Julian Peter Andretta worked for Don Duffy Architecture in 2003. He continued his studies in architecture and in 2007, participated in the Leading Edge Design Competition where he won a merit citation for sustainable architecture. He graduated with his masters in architecture from the college yet found work outside the field.

In 2010, Julian Peter Andretta found permanent employment with Gita Sporting goods. Presently, he works for the cycling company as a graphic designer and Head of Video Generation. As both positions are a jump from his studies in architecture, there's little doubt in Julian Peter Andretta's mind that his college studies at the art and design college prepared him for the work that he does. Fortunately, Julian Peter Andretta loves his work and cycling is a recreational hobby of his. While he may not be designing buildings, he is putting his artistic competencies to work as a graphic designer and video producer.

İt does not matter in which you live, you get bombarded with messages about living a healthful life-style. This means making the correct choices on what to eat as getting a particular amount of physical activity in each day or week. Some individuals are obviously more active than others simply because they enjoy being active. What causes it to be even simplier and easier is finding an activity which you enjoy performing over and over.
Julian Peter Andretta enjoys taking part in 2 physically demanding sports. He runs but more generally he cycles. His passion for cycling may have been inherited since he has family ties to a firm that produces clothing specifically to the sport of cycling. Whether he came into the passion on his own or it was entrenched into him as a little one, he has been an active bicyclist for years now.
In the spirit of physical exercise, Julian Peter Andretta found strategies to assist an incredible lead to as showing off his competitive side. He has participated in 2 different running events and years for a cycling event supporting local and national cancer charities. For Julian Peter Andretta, participation in such events proves just how he stacks up against his local competition.
The two running events Julian Peter Andretta participated in were the Amica Insurance Half Marathon in 2010 and the Charlotte Turkey Trot in November of 2010. The Amica Insurance Half Marathon had a total of 4,750 participants and Julian Peter Andretta finished the event in 817th location. He placed 705th location in the 8K Charlotte Turkey Trot.
While he does run, he prefers cycling. From 2006 to virtually all fairly recently in 2012, Julian Peter Andretta participated in the twenty four Hours of Booty that's the official twenty four hour cycling event of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The event held annually raises cash for local cancer charities and the national Lance Armstrong Foundation.

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