Advantages of a Boarding School Education

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Deciding which school to send your child to can be a daunting prospect. Your circumstances at the time will dictate a number of options to you, and boarding schools may be one of them. There are many advantages to sending your child to a boarding school, some of which we aim to outline here. generally have smaller class numbers than their non-boarding counterparts, meaning more time can be spent with each child to help them learn and progress through the year. Apart from the obvious academic benefits of this situation, it also offers the child the opportunity to form a closer bond with teachers. This will often allow them to speak more freely if they have any concerns or are struggling. A good teacher student relationship can be hugely beneficial to the child's progress and the extra time afforded to each pupil by smaller class numbers is not often a luxury afforded to teachers working in other schools.

Teachers in boarding schools are typically degree qualified in the area they teach. They will usually be quite experienced before joining the school, and arrive with glowing references. Discipline is typically less of an issue in these schools than it is in public schools, meaning more time is spent actually teaching, rather than maintaining peace and order in the classroom. These schools are thought by some to have a more challenging curriculum, making sure they challenge their pupils and keep them occupied and participatory throughout the school day.

The sports facilities and extra curricular activities offered to boarders are second to none. These schools pride themselves on their facilities, and encourage sports and physical activity in their pupils. A wide range of sports and activities will be available, and pupils spend proportionately more time in physical exercise than their public school peers. This not only gives them more time in physical exercise, helping them develop physically, but also helps train them in other skills such as coordination and sportsmanship.

Students of boarding schools tend to mature faster and have an awareness of their peers greater than those of a public school. Spending so much time with others, eating together, working together, playing sports together, breeds important social skills and emotional maturity. Faced with day-to-day dilemmas the boarder pupil will learn more about independence, self-reliance, self-discipline, teamwork, the ability to discuss and negotiate, good social behaviour and many other important skills that public school pupils may not experience in the same way.

Boarding schools can cater for a wide variety of student, and some are tailored to certain ways of thinking. You may wish your child to go to a single sex school, an international school, a Roman Catholic school, one focusing on horse riding, or a number of other specialisms. Across the UK there is a wide range of schools catering for many different requirements. Whatever your needs you are likely to find a boarding school in the uk that caters for you and your child.

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